The state of Pennsylvania is rich in motorsports history. No place in the state produces more talent and pride for the state then central Pennsylvania. The area is known for its dirt track and sprint car racing. The term “Pennsylvania Posse” is common speak not only throughout the area, but throughout the country as well. But, there is one team, one family, that has carried the state and its blue collar heritage on its shoulders, that team is Peck

Peck Motorsports began as a NASCAR Nationwide Series program in 1988 with driver Tom Peck behind the wheel. The car was owned by his brother, Dr. Michael Peck. Together, the family duo went on to become the most successful team from the Keystone State to ever compete on the national motorsports stage. Tom Peck collected over 50 top-10 finishes in just four seasons of full-time competition. The team ran from the 1988 to1995 with full seasons from 1990-1993.

From that time since, there has been no team based in the state to collect the results and publicity that Peck Motorsports has. Today, the team has a rebirth. This time it’s Dr. Michael Peck’s son, Todd who is behind the wheel. Dr. Peck is still the team owner and the team still calls central Pennsylvania home. They will compete with Todd behind the wheel in five NASCAR Camping World Series events this year proving once again that it’s Peck Motorsports who is the Pride of Pennsylvania.

The team wants to partner with as many Pennsylvania companies as possible. Please visit the sponsors tab for further information.

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