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Peck Motorsports Continues to Be ‘Green’ Leaders Off the Track

Keystone Biofuel Renewable Engineered Systems Global Solar Finish Line LEDs

Hanover, Penn. (March 28, 2012) – The No. 96 Peck Motorsports truck in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is already one of the most eye-catching trucks in the series. With the logos of Stopain, the Arthritis Foundation and also the Kids Get Arthritis Too logos on the hood and sides, the truck stood out in 2011 with more than 100 signatures from kids who suffer from juvenile arthritis.

Moving into the 2012 season, with new sponsor Stopain, Peck Motorsports will display a one-of-a-kind transporter.  The hauler will be solar-powered after being equipped with a Survivor Power System 1200, the latest mobile power production utilizing Global Solar Power Flex technology.  It’s the team’s latest initiative in being a “green” leader in the sport.  The panels will power the newly-installed Finish Line LED lights and equipment inside the hauler.

The solar panels and LED lights were installed by Renewable Engineered Systems (RES) utilizing Global Solar Power Flex technology.  The team also partnered with RES to provide a Survivor Power System for their hauler and a portable Survivor Power System the team will use at the track.

“I always felt that we had a pretty cool race truck, but now we’ve really taken the next step with our race hauler and team,” said driver and co-owner Todd Peck.  “Renewable Engineered System and our friend Brian Brown have really helped us be a leader in being environmentally conscious when we go to the track and race.  We think this is a big step for the sport and we’re proud to be the leaders.  We can’t thank Global Solar and Finish Line enough for what they’ve done for our team.”

The additions to the race hauler will make Peck Motorsports the most environmentally friendly race team in all of NASCAR. The additions of the solar panels and LED lights will help reduce the transporter’s power consumption, save battery power on the transporter, promote a more efficient use of light energy, eliminate emissions and reduce production of carbon dioxide during the races.  The team plans to debut these changes at the track later this summer at Iowa Speedway.

“We’re proud to have partnered with Peck Motorsports in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series to help them reach their green initiative goals,” said Brian Brown, president of R-E-S.  “We feel we’ve helped equip them and set them up with some of best green alternatives available to help them stand out as a leader in protecting the environment through alternative energy.  We’re very proud to see Peck Motorsports take these steps and hope other teams will follow.”

In addition to changes inside the transporter, the team’s tractor will also be green.  The team has partnered with Keystone BioFuels to drive to events using 100 percent biofuel.  This biodiesel is biodegradable, non-toxic and the only renewable alternative fuel that reduces major greenhouse gas components in the atmosphere.  The team will help reduce particulate matter, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide with the change.

“This is just another great step for us to do the right thing for our environment and also partner with another Pennsylvania company,” continued Peck.  “We’re very proud to have a partnership with Keystone BioFuels to make our tractor run as ‘clean and green’ as possible.”

Plans are currently under way to showcase the team’s changes throughout the country.  You may contact Amy Chirieleison at Jump Marketing to schedule public appearances of both driver Todd Peck and the transporter to speak and appear at your event by calling 717-319-4153.

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